Brewery Refresh (Personal Project)

Brewery Refresh (Personal Project)

An attempt at a blind rebrand for Bootleggers Brewery. This does not represent Bootleggers Brewery current brand identity and is a personal unpaid “for fun” endeavor.

I took inspiration from their current visual branding, and took cues from taproom experiences which yielded an old America, prohibition era feel, with a bit of European / Belgian influence. As well as bringing in existing branding elements, this iteration looks and feels more like a refresh than a total rebrand.

In comparison to the original, this logo is more refined, and has a greater resemblance to the existing logo. This version being more angular, simplified, and more dynamic. It also pushes the bird imagery more toward the look of an eagle, rather than a phoenix. I decided to get rid of the open mouth and eyes on the original (for a more simplistic look of course) but to also place emphasis on the image being an emblem or crest, rather than it being the actual bird. I’ve pulled reference from prohibition era typography as well as old English typography. Both of which I believe capture not only the brand but the beer that Bootleggers brews.

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Client name

Bootleggers Brewery


Branding, Logo Design