Hello! I’m a designer and photographer based in Southern California.

I have 6 years of experience focusing my efforts on branding, content creation, and packaging for a variety of clients.



Positions Held

Creative Director at Made In Mars, Inc

Creative Director and VP at Nightmare Productions

Creative Lead at Fidelitas Development

Graphic Designer at Klatch Coffee


A 28 year old, “Jack of all trades” creative with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. Branding, packaging, content creation, and logo development are some of my favorite projects to take on. I pride myself on creating imagery that is more than just visually appealing. I intend to create things that serve a greater narrative and have meaning. Being an intentional storyteller is my bread and butter; and no decision is pulled out of thin air.

Beyond creative talent, I’ve worked in almost every kind of job growing up; and almost every kind of job in my professional endeavors as well. I’ve worked fast food, customer service, construction, and even dabbled in starting up my own production company. I know great successes and even greater losses, and each provides me with an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to learn. I’ve held positions in leadership roles, with design agencies, in-house for small and large companies, and of course on my own as a freelance designer.


The company I keep.