June 20, 2015

Shirt Saturday 6/20

And what a great Saturday it is!! On this exact day 40 years ago one of my favorite movies of all time, "Jaws," was released in theaters. To commemorate this great film, this shirt Saturday goes out to the big guy, BRUCE. In case you weren't aware Bruce was the name given to the shark used in the film by the crew members. Besides being a great film and arguably one of the best written screenplays, sharks have always ...


May 30, 2015

Shirt Saturday 5/30/15

So this past week Back to the Future came on, and not just the first one, but all three. And yes, I watched all three (HOW CAN YOU NOT?!). Ironically I've also been wanting to do an old school automotive style shirt ever since I checked out the work over at Cohen and Sons (by the way their stuff is rad, talk about quality). Anyway, after watching the movies and having a direction I've been wanting to go in I figured ...


May 17, 2015

Shirt Saturdays

OK! So this is a little something I've been wanting to do for a while. It's a small project where I will be designing a new shirt every week and posting it on Saturdays. Hence "Shirt Saturdays." These shirt designs are sadly not for sale but just ideations from inspiration throughout the week. This could come from music, movies, art, or maybe I just went to a Dodger game and wanted to design an LA tee. This will not be ...