Shirt Saturday 6/20


And what a great Saturday it is!! On this exact day 40 years ago one of my favorite movies of all time, “Jaws,” was released in theaters. To commemorate this great film, this shirt Saturday goes out to the big guy, BRUCE. In case you weren’t aware Bruce was the name given to the¬†shark used in the film by the crew members.

Besides being a great film and arguably one of the best written screenplays, sharks have always captured my interest and imagination. From a young age I was dead set on becoming a marine biologist to study these animals along with other ocean creatures. Although that dream did slowly fade over time, I still have an affinity for the greatest wonder in the world. I am also an active supporter of PANGEASEED, which protects these great animals from overfishing and becoming extinct. It’s no wonder sharks are one of the greatest predators on earth since they’ve been around for millions of years and hopefully millions more to come. It’s up to us to help!

And heres a detail shot!