Hello there,

My name is Sal, I’m a designer and photographer from Southern California.

I have 6 years experience in graphic design focusing my efforts on branding, marketing, and packaging for a variety of clients.




A 27 year old, “Jack of all trades” kind of designer with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. Branding, packaging, and logo development are some of my favorite projects to take on. As a creative, I believe it takes more than creating something just visually appealing. It’s about being intentional with design choices and making sure those choices reflect the brand as a whole.

I’ve worked in almost every kind of job growing up; and almost every kind of job in the creative world as well. I’ve worked fast food, customer service, construction, and even dabbled in starting up my own production company. I’ve held positions in a leadership role, with design agencies, in-house for small and large companies, and of course on my own as a freelance designer. I’ve dealt with all aspects of design from ideation, to execution, production, and post-production. I love to travel, take photos, criticize logos I see out in the wild, and watch movies as often as possible.

Positions Held

Creative Director at Made In Mars, Inc

Creative Director and VP at Nightmare Productions

Creative Lead at Fidelitas Development

Graphic Designer at Klatch Coffee


The company I keep.